Employee Quotes

“Dicon’s management structure provides employees with the trust and flexibility needed to feel like you have good control over your own fate and are not being micro-managed. Work-life balance and employee engagement are strongly encouraged at all levels of the organization.”

“I believe people stay with Dicon because it’s a family/friendly environment. Everyone is willing to help teach and coach you, if you don’t understand how to do something. I feel that Dicon offers 401K and HAS matching % where most other companies don’t. Working from home when you have sick children or no care for them on a snow/school day.”

“Dicon offers a flexible work schedule, friendly work environment, along with a great deal of personal autonomy. Every employee is a valuable member of the team, and you can see the impact you personally make every single day.”

“As a PM I am given the responsibility and authority to do what needs to get done on a project without having to go back and get someone else’s approval to do what is required. I am also given the flexibility on hours that if I need to take off a little early to take care of something I can. I honestly feel that the company cares about me as a person and is not keeping secrets from me behind my back. We are given the tools and information we need to get our projects done.”

“The Director of Business Development role at Dicon is unique in that it provides exposure to each side of the corporation. Dicon’s size and diverse experience allow me to continually prospect and establish relationships while also learning the technical, operational, and corporate sides of the business. ”

“I think I have the best job in the world. I love my job and I love working here at Dicon. At Dicon everyone owns their actions whether good or bad on a job and everyone feels accountable. My job can be stressful enough on a good day so when things go bad on a job it is a good feeling to know that you have people in your corner that will have your back should you need it.”

“We meet four times a year and in those meetings, we are always asked if there is anything we would like to do in order to improve our skills as superintendents from 1st aid to new systems of construction. Dicon in general is a very forward thinking and proactive company.”