Dundee Bank – Blackstone District

302 S 38th Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Bank Branch
Construction Type: Historic Renovation
Size: 3,650 Square Feet
Services Provided: General Contracting
Completion Date: November 2016
Client: Dundee Bank
Designer: The Architectural Offices

The Dundee Bank has opened its newest bank branch in the Blackstone District in the building that was originally built as the National Refining Company in 1930 as a new service station by White Rose Oil Company. It then became longtime home to McFoster’s Natural Kind Café, who closed their doors in 2014. The idea was to bring the old building back to life.

We worked with The Architectural Offices in bringing back the original façade of the building to its days as a gas station. The structure mimics the garage doors that were in place on both sides of the main office. Three of the exterior light fixtures were fabricated to match one of the original light fixtures that remains.

The drywall on the interior was taken down to reveal the covered original tile wall, and featured in the lobby is the original quarry tile floor that was cleaned up and restored back to life. A modern canopy drive-up window separate from the main building was added, along with the installation of a new HVAC system.