Military Entrance Process Station

4245 S 121st Plaza | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office Building
Construction Type: New Construction
Size: 20,000 Square Feet
Services Provided: General Contracting
Completion Date: July 2013
Client: Russ Kreikemeier
Designer: Ghafari Associates LLC

This project was completed in July of 2013 and was awarded a Gold Level LEED Certification.  MEPS is a 20,000 square foot office building used for the admission and processing of new recruits for the armed forces.  This station is one of the 65 located nationwide that assesses individuals for enlistment based on their aptitude for military service, physical qualifications and background evaluation screenings. Dicon built the building shell, then constructed the interior after the tenant finished their design.

MEPS Gold Level LEED Certification was achieved throughout the design and construction phases of the project by meeting the LEED requirements.  These requirements entail: Site Sustainability, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design.  LEED projects demand efficiency and environmental conservation from the very beginning by using a green construction process to create energy efficient buildings.  Our LEED accredited staff had to be aware and knowledgeable of every prerequisite and requirement over the duration of the project, and carry out these goals with every action.