Quality Brands of Omaha

13255 Centech Road | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Commercial Warehouse
Construction Type: Expansion
Services Provided: Construction Manager
Completion Date: May 2010
Client: Quality Brands of Omaha
Designer: Avant Architects

Dicon was hired by Quality Brands of Omaha to take on a multi-phase project.  The first phase of the project consisted of a complete remodel and addition to the existing corporate head quarters of Quality Brands.  This work was done with little interruptions of the existing staff.  The second phase of this work was a 30,000 square foot refrigerated warehouse.  The third phase was the ground up construction of an automated truck wash for the delivery trucks.  Quality Brands requires drivers to maintain clean trucks and this truck wash allowed each driver to have their trucks cleaned every morning prior to running their routes.

Dicon was also hired to complete a refrigerated warehouse for the expansion of Quality Brands of Omaha to store new products.  Metal-Span insulated metal composite panels were used for the cold storage and function as walls, ceilings and roofs for cooling. The insulated metal composite panels are ideal for dry goods, warehouses and other controlled environment buildings where temperature control along with insulation values are critical. The insulated composite panels are attached directly to the supporting structure and multiple steps to construct the insulated wall and roof are eliminated. Faster project completion means reduced construction and interim financing costs to Quality Brands.  The panels are manufactured with impermeable faces and when installed the insulation is completely encapsulated by metal trim that creates an impermeable membrane on all sides of the panel. The Class 1 Polyurethane foam meets the requirements of the major model building codes for cold storage construction.  The new warehouse also house the first automated systems for beverage sorting in the state of Nebraska.