NP Dodge

8701 Dodge Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office Building
Construction Type: Tenant Improvement
Size: 40,400 Square Feet
Services Provided: General Contractor
Completion Date: September 2016
Client: NP Dodge
Designer: ASD Stanley J. How Architects

The new home to NP Dodge headquarters, title and insurance services was a project that consisted of demolition and improvement to the interior of the four story office building, originally built in 1980.  All systems and interior walls were removed with the exception of electrical service and elevator, which were left in place.  In addition to the interior improvement, Dicon also completed exterior building upgrades including the removal and replacement of all windows and glazing systems, new signage and landscaping.

Schnackel Engineers, Inc.

3035 South 72nd Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office Building
Construction Type: Tenant Improvement
Size: 14,000 Square Feet
Services Provided: Construction Management at Risk
Completion Date: January 2016
Client: Schnackel Engineers, Inc.
Designer: Schnackel Engineers

This project consisted of only eight working days, around the clock until completion.  This office building is a 2-story, 14,000 square foot office, which called for the removal of built-in offices and cubicles, removal of hallway walls, framing of new walls and bulkheads, relocation of cable suspended lighting, installation of new floor and electrical and data boxes on each floor, modification and relocation of existing HVAC system, repair of acoustical tile ceilings, removal and replacement of all carpet, new paint and installation of new workstations for all engineers.



“You and your team did an excellent job getting us operational in just over a week.”

– President & CEO, Schnackel Engineers, Inc.

“It was completed on time, under budget and to our utmost satisfaction.  It was a seemingly impossible timeline, however Dicon was able to complete it with quality throughout.  Their greatest deliverable was peace of mind.  I believe that the Dicon Corporation exhibits all of the qualities that are essential to providing terrific client service.”

– Melvin Smeall, Vice President of Operations

Marcotte Insurance

9493 West Dodge Road | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office Building
Construction Type: Tenant Improvement
Size: 16,000 Square Feet
Services Provided: General Contractor
Completion Date: April 2016
Client: Marcotte Insurance
Designer: Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

Distribution Management Systems, Inc.

17002 Marcy Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office Building & Office
Construction Type: New Construction / Tenant Improvement
Size: 66,000 Square Feet
Services Provided: Construction Management at Risk
Completion Date: 2008
Client: Distrubution Management Systems, Inc.
Designer: Avant Architects

The building’s shell was constructed using structural steel and precast panels.  The building has an elegant feel from the use of modern design, such as the large overhangs and clearstory, combined with contemporary building materials, like brick and stone.  The combination of modern design and contemporary materials gives this building a subtle look that demands attention without being overdone.  This project was completed on schedule and within budget.

Bland & Associates

450 Regency Parkway | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office
Construction Type: Tenant Improvement
Size: 9,600 Square Feet
Services Provided: Design / Build
Completion Date: May 2011
Client: Bland & Associates
Designer: Holland Basham Architects

This project was a total demolition and remodel, including HVAC ductwork, fire sprinkler, and lighting.  Work was performed in the design/build format and came in under budget.



“We worked with Dicon Corporation on the build-out of our new space at 450 Regency Parkway in early 2011.  However, our experience began nearly a year earlier when we first mentioned that we felt growth in our business would lead to the need for additional space.  Dan Witt met with myself and my partners several times and introduced us to an architectural firm that could also assist with determining our needs.  Because of his persistence to do this ahead of time, we had a very good understanding of what we needed in a new space and saved a considerable amount of time in our search.  This effort was done without any agreement or promise to move forward with our project or to even use Dicon.  With any remodel there is some level of unpredictability to the process, which may result in timing issues and change orders.  Dicon worked through these situations with us and helped keep any additional cost or additional time to a minimum.  At the end of the day, we had a space we loved and had solid relationships with those who helped build the space.  We would recommend Dicon’s services to anyone looking for assistance in their future space plans.”

-Jason Tonjes, Bland & Associates

Board of Certification

1415 Harney Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Office
Construction Type: Historic Renovation
Size: 15,000 Square Feet
Services Provided: General Contractor
Completion Date: November 2008
Client: Board of Certification, Inc.
Designer: Alley Poyner Architecture, OC

The long time vacant building was built between 1911 and 1912.  The Board of Certification received tax increments because of the historic preservation work that Dicon performed.  The exterior was completely restored to preserve the original historic details of the building.  On the interior, office space was added the the second floor along with the installation of skylights, a 3-stop elevator, and new stairwells.  A loft was constructed and rooftop deck added.  Dicon was able to save the original maple hardwood floors and refinish the exposed brick interior.  Dicon was able to work with the architect to value engineer the project to meet the client’s budget.



“The building is over 100 years old, there were challenges along the way, but the historic renovation expertise that Dicon provided was invaluable and allowed us to restore and preserve as much of the original detail as possible.  We feel they are extremely competent in historical classifications and retentions.  We found Dicon to be very professional and proficient in the management of the project and responsive to any questions or changes we had.  The level of service and attention to detail, both during and after the construction period, is unsurpassed.  We appreciated the time and effort that Dicon spent developing a relationship with us, understanding our needs and ensuring our satisfaction with the end project. ”

– Anne Minton, Board of Certification, Inc.

Douglas Building

209 S19th Street | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type: Parking Garage & Plaza Area
Construction Type:
Size: 66,000 Square Feet
Services Provided:
Completion Date:
Client: CFM Realty Advisors
Designer: Interior Design Firm

While re-structuring and re-building the multi-level parking garage and plaza area, Dicon faced construction and safety concerns due to the structural design of the garage.  The project was successfully completed on time and with no set- backs.