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Private Residence

Private Residence

This two-story industrial building in Northeast Omaha was originally constructed in 1916 to serve as the home of a long-standing family printing business. In 2018, family members converted a little more than five thousand square feet of the existing space into a luxury, single-family condominium containing three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a three-stop elevator, garage, roof top patio, kitchen, living room, home office, and wine cellar. All original brick was restored and a structural steel grid was fabricated on site to support the addition of a second floor and roof top balcony. A custom fabricated staircase spans from the basement to the top floor and two skylights were added to incorporate more natural light. All mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were fully replaced in addition to all doors and windows. The north-facing exterior brick wall was also demolished and replaced with a customized metal enclosure to create a street front patio.


Omaha, NE

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5,257 Square Feet

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General Contracting


DeOld Andersen Architecture