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Dicon is a general contracting and construction management firm rooted in the principle of creating a positive experience for our clients, team members, and industry partners.

Why work with Dicon?

We combine collaboration, transparency, and innovation to understand your needs while driving sound decision making and accountability among all project team members. Our agility and diversified tenure allow us to approach each project as its own while leveraging nearly 50 years of experience to ensure safety, efficiency, and successful delivery.


Dicon’s pre-construction team collaborates with all project stakeholders to leverage technology, historical data, and current market trends in order to drive clear decision making throughout the process of establishing a budget and timeline that takes your project from conception to completion.


Our pre-construction and project management team members work directly alongside architectural and engineering professionals from day one to maintain efficiency and continuity throughout the entire lifecycle of design, construction, and closeout. We minimize the risk of delays and cost increases by collaborating to produce a final design that aligns with the financial expectations of our clients.

General Contracting & Construction Management

Dicon provides full-scale estimating, administrative, project management, and site supervision services for projects of all shapes and sizes. We establish a team of competitive, accountable sub-contractors and suppliers that align with the scope and complexity of your project. When serving as your general contractor or construction manager, all operational components of a project are streamlined from kick-off through closeout.

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