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Dicon Team

About Us

Dicon is a commercial general contracting and construction management firm headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Our organization is comprised of project managers, estimators, project administrators, site superintendents, carpenters, general laborers, and accounting and marketing professionals. Deep-rooted commitments to safety, transparency, and accountability remain at the foundation of our collaborative approach to each project we oversee. At Dicon, we listen to the needs of our clients and stand behind what we build.


Dicon was incorporated on May 1, 1975 by its founder and CEO, Jim Thorburn, in Omaha, Nebraska. We have since been recognized as one of the most trusted and diversified general contracting and construction management firms in the Midwest. Our team members have delivered successful projects in sixteen states across all major categories of commercial construction.

Mission Statement

We build solutions for our customers and opportunities for our employees.



Work collaboratively, proactively, and support others.


Be genuine and honest in all that you do.


Remain hungry to learn, be comfortable asking for help, and make clear decisions.


Be willing to challenge others and yourself while taking ownership of your work.


Be curious, think outside the box, and take ideas to action.

Our Team

Royce Maynard


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Josh McAdams

Chief Financial Officer

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Patrick Mason

Director of Business Development

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Phil Bang

Director of Operations

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Jim Kardisco

Lead Estimator

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Regan Zeller

Senior Project Manager

Keith Ebert

Senior Project Manager

Jim Rogers

Senior Project Manager

Ryder Haug


Ethan Kardell

Project Engineer

Katie Chase

Project Administrator



Ensuring the safety and well-being of Dicon team members, clients, and industry partners is the number one priority on each project we oversee. We incorporate industry-leading safety programs and engage outside consultants to serve as a neutral third party in evaluating and continually improving the safety of our job sites. Dicon’s investment in a safe workplace creates continuity and drives all team members in the direction of delivering a successful, accident-free project for our clients. Our team is consistently recognized by the National Safety Council and the Associated General Contractors of Nebraska for its performance and commitment to safety.

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