Dundee Bank

5015 Underwood Avenue | Omaha, Nebraska

Facility Type:
Construction Type: Expansion / Renovation
Services Provided: Construction Management
Completion Date: March 2011
Client: Dundee Bank
Designer: The Architectural Offices

Dicon was excited to be a part of this two phase renovation for Dundee Bank.  The first phase included the addition of a new canopy, two drive-thru lanes and window to have in conjunction with their satellite video tube system.  A new geothermal HVAC System, an additional signage package and exterior painting, along with roof repair was also included.  Phase two included the incorporation of the HVAC system on the interior and a renovation of the former space into six new offices and three open work stations.  The conference rooms and layout area were left existing and reconfigured to meet the needs of the growing neighborhood bank.